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Summer Latin Academy (Academia Aestiva Latina) at the Getty Villa

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Due to reinstallation at the Getty Villa, the Latin Academy will be postponed until 2018. We look forward to seeing you then.

The Summer Latin Academy offers high school Latin students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and culture of the ancient Romans. This week-long program combines classroom instruction in spoken Latin with activity-based exploration of the Getty Villa site and Museum collection. Led by local high school teachers affiliated with the North American Institute for Living Latin Studies (SALVI) in collaboration with Getty Villa museum educators, the program is a chance to discover the pleasures of spoken Latin in the unique environment of a museum modeled on an ancient Roman luxury villa.

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The 2016 Summer Latin Academy theme, Animalia: The Wild World of Beasts, will focus on the special and oftentimes surprising roles of animals in antiquity. Relied upon for manual labor, entertainment, and religious ritual, almost every facet of ancient Roman life was in some way connected to their wild and domestic animals. Using the Getty Villa’s antiquities collection and the special exhibition, Roman Mosaics across the Empire, students will have the opportunity to learn about the many artistic and literary representations of animals in antiquity. Through the exploration of animals in Latin, students will learn about such important topics as Roman entertainment, religion, and daily life. Morning instruction will focus on the examination of ancient historical and fictional accounts of animals, surviving inscriptions, and other readings that highlight the roles and significance of animals. Afternoon activities in the museum galleries and gardens will consider how ancient animals were made manifest in art and through narrative. Additionally, special lectures and field trips are planned to help illuminate the summer's theme.

Participation in the Summer Latin Academy is by application. High school students with at least one year of Latin are encouraged to apply. Advanced ability in Latin does not ensure placement in the program; all applications are considered. For further information, please contact

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