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The Digital team at Getty Publications is charged with producing innovative and long-lasting digital publications, building and sharing open platforms and tools for the creation and digital dissemination of both digital and print publications, and supporting the growing community of publishers and technologists working on art-related digital projects at the Getty and beyond.

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What We’re Working on Now

Open-access multiformat digital books
  • Ancient Lamps in the J. Paul Getty Museum (collection catalogue)
  • Artistry in Bronze: The Greeks and Their Legacy (symposium proceedings)
  • Keep It Moving?: Conserving Kinetic Art (symposium proceedings)
Mobile/desktop apps
  • The Score: Avant-Garde Composition in the Visual and Performing Arts
Platforms and Tools
  • Quire, a multiformat publishing platform (Hugo static-site generator, Prince XML, GitHub)
  • Custom publishing database (MySQL, Rails). To support administrative work in Getty Publications, the database will also power a future expanded version of the Getty Publications website, Virtual Library, and public API.
  • Open-source, embeddable-PDF book reader (pdf.js, IIIF, Rails). A key feature of the future Getty Publications website and Virtual Library, the reader will allow image annotation and page-specific linking to connect artworks reproduced in books to collection pages online.

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Related Work across the Getty

The Getty’s commitment to digital publishing extends to many areas of the organization. Here are a few related efforts from around the Getty Trust:

Cover of the OSCI report

For more on the Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative, don’t miss the recently published final report, Museum Catalogues in the Digital Age.

Contact us

Greg Albers, manager
@geealbers |

Eric Gardner, developer
@ecgardner |

We are interested in hearing your ideas for born-digital publications! Join the conversation with the Art & Museum Digital Publishing Interest Group.

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